...I would go so  far as to say she has potentially 'saved my life'.

K.G -

I have known Dr Baldock for many years as her patient. She is an extremely caring person, highly attentive and friendly whilst maintaining a professional and efficient manner.  She is a rare and exceptional person and GP.  

I have received intermittent life coaching from Dr Baldock for almost a year and I can truly say that she has provided me with great insight and helped me improve the distress I feel around my personal issues and family problems.  I did not actually realise until recently the amazing progress I have made which would not have been possible without the life coaching sessions with Dr. Baldock.  I have in the past received long term psychotherapy which whilst very helpful did not provide me with the same level of direction and insight.  


Dr Baldock is a warm and sincere person with amazing insight which I believe cannot be learnt, this makes her an extremely brilliant life coach. I found some of her advice and revelations have changed many personal demons that I have been plagued with for many years, I believe her knowledge as a GP helped with this.  For me, I would go far as to say she has potentially 'saved my life'. She would easily be on par with one the greatest psychotherapists I worked with in the past but actually better due to the direct nature of life coaching and her very high levels of perception. I would definitely recommend her to those in need of direction in career, life choices and many other aspects of life that people often feel stuck in. I hope to continue for longer with her as she is a pleasure to work with.


I have also touched on the subject of menopausal advice with Dr Baldock due to my severe struggle with perimenopausal symptoms, she offered useful advice and also directed me to a very good consultant. Again, her knowledge as a GP is extremely useful. Overall, I feel privileged to have known Dr Bladock as a GP and as a life coach, I am gradually feeling a little more validated as a person which I struggle with. 

...I have witnessed first hand the amazing transformational work she has done

N.D -
APHP & NCP Accredited

I have worked with Dr Alice Baldock for several years in a professional capacity where she has coached a number of therapy clients of mine after completion of their therapy with me, I have witnessed first hand the amazing transformational work she has done to bring each one back in line with their goals.

A perceptive listener that very quickly identifies her clients needs and issues, then skilfully guides them.  I highly recommend Alice to help anyone uncover their personal best in such a caring and confidential manner.

...my session with Alice... has enhanced my life.

D.K -

From my initial coaching session with Alice, I was made to realise there are alternative perspectives on situations, creating a positive from a negative.  This in turn has enhanced my life.


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